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Sarah Krieg

Sarah says kia ora! After finishing her BA, Sarah trained as a journalist at AUT. For work she teaches teenagers English and Media Studies, but she also likes to watch sci-fi and geek out. When she’s not busy being political, her hobbies include biking, baking and taking baths. Sarah is a Kiwi, and currently lives in Switzerland.

Reviews by Sarah Krieg:

In times of confusion, of discrimination, of struggle, it’s important to look back in time. Looking back makes sense of what we want to become.
A brief vignette of America’s most influential First Lady, in her most difficult time of grief.
La La Land is the Christmas sweater you shun in front of your friends, but slip into when no-one’s watching. It’s a comfort and a guilty pleasure.
We follow a German woman to the disaster-ravaged Fukushima. Her aim is to provide respite to the almost exclusively elderly population who remain there.
A graphic novel that peeks into the personal and political life of Rosa Luxemburg, a real-life communist revolutionary.