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Camilla Jeremie

Camilla is a twenty-five year old creative and professional writer. With a BA in English, a knack for succinct storytelling and an eye towards an MFA in screenwriting, her prose leans towards transparent and taboo. Apart from blogging new experiences on WordPress, she can be found dancing, practicing her British accent and reviewing food, film and literature.

Reviews by Camilla Jeremie:

I found myself smack dab between this story’s colorful pages, wanting to rest there until I’d fully reflected on my own West Indian-American identity.
There is something to be said for a woman who doesn’t need your approval but demands your respect. Frances McDormand does it best in this movie.
This book hit home, head and heart for me. From start to finish, Patchett threads out an intricately woven quilt of family secrets – one that felt very familiar.
Dark and different, this chilling French-Belgian film tells a tale of uninhibited desires, visceral hunger, and sardonic social commentary.